Fun Spot Construction Tour - April 12, 2013

A HUGE thank you to Mark and Judy at Fun Spot for making this tour happen. The expansion at Fun Spot is coming along great and We cant wait for it to be open. Scroll through below to see some great details about the HUGE addition to the park.

Welcome to Fun Spot Action Park in Orlando, FL, today we will be covering their expansion and conversion to Fun Spot America!

Currently, the park is located on a very small footprint, but they have purchased 15+ acres and are building fast.

From the second floor of the current building you can see the park tripling in size.

The most noticeable addition, White Lighting-a custom GCI coaster, runs along the expansions border, going right up against the Grand National Drive.

You can see how close to the road it gets.

Our tour stared off with the new parking lot along that will allow 3x as many cars to park.

The new main entrance building will house ticket sales, a small VIP/party lounge, and is reinforced so they can eventually add a ferris wheel on top of the building!

Looking through the new entrance tunnel, a couple of ticket windows on the right, many more on the backside.

Our first star of the show, Freedom Flyer, a Vekoma junior inverted coaster. track is fully complete, they were working on electrical when we were there and should start seeing test runs soon.

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