Fun Spot Construction Tour - April 12, 2013

A HUGE thank you to Mark and Judy at Fun Spot for making this tour happen. The expansion at Fun Spot is coming along great and We cant wait for it to be open. Scroll through below to see some great details about the HUGE addition to the park.

Looking back over some of the bunny hills you realize this coaster takes up half the perimeter of the park, and will be seen from everywhere.

Only a few more arms, and she’ll be running like a champ.

Also being installed, a brand new Music Express, with a top height of 10 feet, they say this one will be a little more intense then most of the others out there. Also, it’s going to have an amazing lighting package, cant wait to see it at night.

The skycoaster will take off from the roof of the food building, and the roof will eventually have a small patio/lounge to watch people as they ride.

From the rooftop patio you can get a great view of the expansion, and it will be a great spot to watch the action happen around the park.

Back towards the turnaround they still have a few sections of track to install. They are currently working six days a week to get this open for us to ride as soon as possible.

Footers for the turnaround, waiting for track to be installed.

Bonus Credit! Fun spot has purchased the kiddie coaster form Playland in New Jersey, another saved ride.

Also included, a BRAND NEW Tilt-a-Whirl. Honestly I did not even know they still manufactured them, but this thing looks great.

Looking back you can see where the new sections of the park and the old sections will connect. The Scrambler and Paratrooper are set to be moved at the end of this month to their new locations along this pathway, opening up the connection between the old areas and new areas.

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