Fun Spot Construction Tour - April 12, 2013

A HUGE thank you to Mark and Judy at Fun Spot for making this tour happen. The expansion at Fun Spot is coming along great and We cant wait for it to be open. Scroll through below to see some great details about the HUGE addition to the park.

Where I am now will become part of the queue, providing some great views of the ride. Of course, the ride will be fenced off.

In the crate are some train pieces, above the crate are some train pieces, train pieces everywhere.

Shot for the technical geeks, wheel assemblies are already on the track, waiting for their seats to be attached.

Wheel assemblies from the back of the train looking into the station.

Ben wanted to ride it now, he didn’t get very far down the track.

Turning the corner we see the beautiful first drop of White Lightning.

The good news is, you WILL be able to get this shot with a train coming down. The area around the ride will be paved walkway, allowing for some great photos.

The area will be open walkways and create a great atmosphere.

Looking under Freedom Flyer, this area will be paved walkway.

Continuing on, Wheelie from Six Flags Over Georgia has found a new home. Glad to see this old enterprise get new life.

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