IAAPA 2013

We take you to the trade show floor to show you some of what's new in the world of amusements and coasters. Plus slow motion coaster train reveals!

Welcome to IAAPA!

Entering the Orange County Convention Center

First up was the unveiling of Firechaser Express at the Gerstlauer booth.

Dollywood park representatives take a seat.

Chris tries out the ropes course by Ropes Courses Inc.

Brian tries a more precarious rope.

Chance Rides had a car for a new coaster coming to Kentucky Kingdom, Lightning Run.

PTC had a car commerorating their 110th anniversary.

Zamperla's Air Race thrilled guests on the show floor.

S&S shows off their El Loco train style.

SBF Visa Group had the only operating coaster on the show floor, so we took it for a spin...GET IT!

There we also several haunt vendors.

We were impressed by the lifelike dog animatronic at Scarefactory's booth.

Great Coasters International unveiled their Mini-llennium Flyer trains

A SMALL model of the BIG Fun model of coaster.

This one will be heading to Legoland Florida

Hank Salemi, Park President of Six Flags Great America tells us a little about Goliath.

The train gets its official unveiling at the Rocky Mountain Coasters Booth

Hank and the RMC team are excited for this new addition.

RMC's two different track styles, topper track and I-box.

Over at the Gravity Group booth there was another unveiling.

Story Land in New Hampshire announced Roar-O-Saurus.

Brian tries out the Zero Shock Freefall Stunt Jump.

B&M had a Gatekeeper vehicle on display for their Wing Coaster style

Thanks to IAAPA for lettting us bring you this coverage of the event! We hope to see you next year!

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