A night in Cinderella's Castle Suite

Some of the ECC crew had the unique opportunity to spend a night inside Cinderella's Castle Suite at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Here are 100 pictures from our stay. Enjoy!

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Watch Video: Castle Cribs

Goodnight Walt! Goodnight Mickey!

Back to the Castle.

Another group photo, can't have too many.

Charles lets us in one last time.

Waiting for our carriage (elevator) to arrive.

Checking out the details in the entryway.

Time to disrobe, they were a little hot for the Florida weather.

Documenting some more features of the bathroom, nice copper sinks.

Crown shaped lights.

Steph models the vanity area.

The rainfall shower.

With its many knobs.

Getting ready to enjoy the tub.

We've got it filled up and ready to go.

The guestbook.

Complete with stationary and postcards.

Ben signed for the ECC crew, NOTHING BETTER!

Breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table


Stuffed french toast, double yum!

The girls with Ariel.

The boys with Belle.

Wands for the girls, swords for the boys, Ben is confused...

Bye bye castle!

See ya real soon!

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