A night in Cinderella's Castle Suite

Some of the ECC crew had the unique opportunity to spend a night inside Cinderella's Castle Suite at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Here are 100 pictures from our stay. Enjoy!

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Watch Video: Castle Cribs

Heading back into the castle.

Cinderella is playing on the TVs for our viewing pleasure.

Ben's gift awaits him on the desk.

Nicely presented with roses...

Behold! A glass slipper engraved with Ben's name!

And of course Vinylmations for everyone.

At the foot of the bed we find horses pulling a carriage.

The most delicious horses I've ever seen!

Steph checks out the contents while enjoying a strawberry.

Brian also partakes in strawberry eating.

OH MY! Guess they really were the most delicious horses!

The bathroom was also readied for us, complete with Cars bubble bath.

Slipper towel!

Ben presents to you, a towel.

Slippers everywhere! And treats near our pillows.

Cinderella wishes us goodnight as well.

Stephie relaxing and taking it in.

The parlor bed has been pulled out and turned down for us as well.

And the curtains have been drawn.

Check it out, time to put on our robes!

Group robe picture.

Video making.

Having fun in the nearly empty park.

Note the people on the bench behind Brian, they're not gonna stop our robe-time fun.

In front of Walt and Mickey.

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