A night in Cinderella's Castle Suite

Some of the ECC crew had the unique opportunity to spend a night inside Cinderella's Castle Suite at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Here are 100 pictures from our stay. Enjoy!

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Watch Video: Castle Cribs

The fireplace features fiber optic fireworks and a "hidden mickey".

Sconce featuring the prince to the right of the fireplace.

Sconce featuring the princess to the left.

The parlor room.

Another angle.

These 3 windows tell the first part of the Cinderella story.

And these 3 windows finish it.

Accessories include a telescope from Captain hook so we're told.

Kind of hard to see out of the suite, but here is an attempt.

Mirror mirror on the wall, I'd like to watch some TV.

Underneath we have movies, games, and a "Minnie fridge".

Bedside accessories and one of two powerful remotes.

In the bathroom, looking up in the bathtub.

Stars light the ceiling.

Ben takes a dry run.

The royal throne, square in nature and impossible to slam.

We decide to head back out into the park.

The Castle at twilight.

Our group gathered in the fireworks viewing area.

During "Magic, Memories, and You", fireworks start on the castle and magically appear behind.


This one kinda looks like a face.

The End!

First group picture in front of the castle.

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