A night in Cinderella's Castle Suite

Some of the ECC crew had the unique opportunity to spend a night inside Cinderella's Castle Suite at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Here are 100 pictures from our stay. Enjoy!

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Watch Video: Castle Cribs

We start our journey by checking in at the Grand Floridian.

Cinderella's carriage appears in the stairs here.

Our ride to the castle.


Our guide Charles gives us winky faces in the rear view.

First glimpses of our home for the night.

But first Charles guides us through Tomorrowland to get a spin on Space Mountain.

Brian gets some side castle shots.

And we approach from the rear of the castle.

Charles presents the entrance.

Ben knocks, and ta-da, someone opens the door!

Riding up in the elevator with the mosaic floor.

The foyer at the top of the elevator, with gold in the floors.

An overview of the foyer.

Looking up.

Cinderella's tiara and scepter.

And of course the glass slipper.

Glass gourds.

Cinderella artwork.

More artwork.

The chandelier in the foyer.

In the suite, looking toward the door.

The royal beds.

Cinderella's picture above the fireplace.

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