Video: Knoebels 2019

Camping at Knboebels for Phoenix Phall Phunfest 2019!

Video: Dorney Park 2014

This video could lift you up and show you what you wanna see! Dorney!

Video: La Ronde

Balayage visuel! Dispatch!

Video: Marineland Deer Park

No need to fear the free roaming deer, Grant, the deer whisperer is here!

Video: Canada's Wonderland 2014

Brian and Ben near 300 coasters each with their first visit to Wonderland!

Video: Six Flags America Opening Day 2013

Get in your first rides of the season in our first video of 2013.

Knoebels - Phoenix Phall Phunfest 2012

The ECC Green Army Men took home one of the 1st place prizes in the costume contest. See that and all the rest of the PPP fun!

Cinderella Castle Suite

Some of the ECC crew had the unique opportunity to spend a night inside the exclusive Cinderella Castle Suite. Don't worry we took plenty of pictures and video to make it like you right there with come on in!